How To Protect Yourself When Using Torrents

The scary word torrents.

Torrents have been vilified for years, and much understandably so. Simply put, torrents are one way of sharing a file from one computer to another. It is an old way of sharing files, much before cloud computing or even Google was a household name.

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The way torrents work is that instead of storing one file on one server. The file is stored on multiple computers. The way to access those files is by using what is called a P2P client. P2P (peer to peer) is a software infrastructure that takes advantage of the way torrents work by managing those bits of files and distributing them accordingly to whoever needs it. In fact, we can see that torrent itself is nothing but a technology. So contrary to what you may believe, torrents in itself is not illegal, and nor should it be. Saying that torrents are illegal is like saying Wi-Fi is illegal. It just depends on what you do with it. What was that Superman quote again? With great responsibility comes…yea, that one!

– So How Do You Use Torrents?

Torrents are accessible by opening a torrent file with a P2P application like uTorrent (Desktop) or ShowBox (Android). Those programs will access the various computers or smartphones that contain the “bits” of information, download it in the back-end and joins them again. The whole process is seamless to the user, and all he/she sees is the file being downloaded. Bear in mind that, when you are downloading a file through torrent, you are also uploading bits of information to the torrent pool as well, since other people are equally “downloading” information from you.

– Can I Download Everything?

Firstly, there are many gray areas around torrents. And this is mostly because of shady individuals sharing highly illegal things. This does not mean that using a torrent or streaming app is illegal. It’s not. There are a thousand and one legal ways to torrent. But certainly, there are a lot of dubious things going on in there. Secondly, many hackers exploit the gullibility of torrent users by posting click bait (download bait?) torrents. When in fact, they contain viruses and malware that either attack you or steals valuable information from your computer. Before you download files from torrents, be sure to check the file comments sections. People don’t like fake stuff, and they will make it clear in the comments area. It is a good idea to install a good Anti-Virus when using torrents. You never know what you will catch.


You will also need to check your countries’ law and policies on using torrents. They might not have one exclusively for torrents, but generally, International Copyright Laws pertain to those. While it is highly likely that you are not allowed to watch movies or TV shows using torrents, many people have found a workaround for it. By using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, they are able to mask their identity online, including the sites they visit or files they download. If you stream a lot of movies, music or tv shows online, then it is better to be safer than sorry – use a VPN!

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