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In today’s modern world sexual assault has become a common menace which leaves the victim scarred for life both emotionally and physically. You are vulnerable towards sexual assault in all scenarios – from home to work to educational campuses to public transport to gym. Basically everywhere you go. Sexual assault has different definitions in different jurisdictions. But it broadly covers all types of sexual contacts or behaviors without the explicit consent of the recipient. Consent is defined in section 273.1(1) in Canada as “the voluntary agreement of the complainant to engage in the sexual activity in question”. Section 271 criminalizes “Sexual assault”, and section 273 criminalizes “Aggravated sexual assault”. But the very onus of going through the tedious process of criminal procedures overcasts many such cases and people decide to stay hushed. Sometimes even the innocent get doomed to face numerous financial and physical penalties and a major scar on their reputation if not considering the emotional trauma they are going through. Such allegations may destroy an individual’s personal as well as professional life. Even though its not his fault but he gives up thinking that nobody will ever believe him.



FBI in 1996 accounted 8% out of all unfounded rape allegatioms as false accusations. In the past 20 years the cases have considerably increased in number.


Don’t fall a victim to such conspiracy and consult a SEXUAL ASSAULT LAWYER. He can assist you with the defenses and arguments besides listening to you and believing you. One of the most experienced and distinguished sexual assault lawyer toronto is Sam Goldstein who has successfully prosecuted sexual assault and assault related cases and defended innocent people put on charge. He is the first lawyer in Canada to use social media as defense evidence. For any further assistance you can visit his website –


  • He will listen to you and study and analyse the lawful aspects of the crime and accusation and then will assist you through the procedure.
  • He will acquaint you with the defenses you might use to counter the allegations.
  • He will provide you a professional and moral support to help you fight through these difficult times.
  • He will also brief you about the various punishments and penalties and aspects related to them.


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Here are just some of the major types of cases the firm has helped people in:

  • Sexual, Domestic, Bodily Harm and Aggravated Assault
  • Criminal Harassment and Threats Offences Against Children and Kidnapping Fraud and Forgery
  • White Collar Commercial Crime Guns
  • Weapons and Firearms Theft
  • Mischief and Obstruct Justice
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Homicides: Murder and Manslaughter
  • Regulatory Offences and Disciplinary Hearings
  • Dangerous Driving and Criminal Negligence


Office Cleaning Now Done Easy By ECI Office Leaning Toronto

Isn’t it so obvious that everyone would hesitate walking into the office, even though its well decorated  but looks untidy? And its not about a floor or a glass window. Bigger the office bigger becomes the cleaning job .

It takes more amount of time to clean such gigantic infrastructures than to build them. Everyone these days opt  for a glass structure because of its sensitive yet sharp look. As it is hard and painful to get these structures stand on their own so is its cleaning and maintenance. Not many agree to help you out in this as it involves risk and loss of ample time. Then how are you going to shine your pretty office walls and décor??

To solve this problem of Office cleaning ,  Empire capitol international Inc. is what you should contact. Also referred as ECI Office commercial cleaning toronto . As they are providing their services in Toronto . Empire capitol international Inc. is powered by cleaning


The company’s philosophy is to treat every property as it was their own  and they promise to deliver the highest quality cleaning services so your property looks and smells like new.

Empire capitol international Inc. has been providing their cleaning and janitorial services for past 10 years now . Cleaning is not an easy job and they to best what they do . They provide cleaning services for commercial , residential , retail properties. We also encourage , train and hire people who are interested to take this job as their career.

They provide different cleaning services for different types of areas , like office cleaning, showroom cleaning. Car dealership , medical cleaning , theatre cleaning , restaurant cleaning etc.

Their operating hours are  Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. They have an area where we can request the cleaning quote and they will come for rescue . Cities they provide their service are , Office cleaning at Toronto , Mississauga , Brampton, Caledon Hamilton etc.

Reasons why we should we choose Empire capitol international Inc. services is because  they are,

  • Licensed insured and bonded
  • Exceptional track record.
  • Experienced staff
  • Fully secure operation
  • High quality equipment and services etc.

They update their Blog area frequently with useful information about career, and their expansion and also the testimonial of customers served by Empire capitol international Inc. will make you dial the number on screen to avail their free quote which you can get by calling then on the provided information at their website.


Their website and also their services are so exceptional that they drag all the customers attention as they deliver a 100 percent in what they do and also maintain their standards which will make you their regular customer and you can enjoy their services .which will leave your building looking beautiful and extraordinary .

Now you can sit and relax while your glass walls get pampered in the hands of Empire capitol international Inc. and their services which will leave you astonished .

Online Content Streaming: Made Easy

Today when we think of watching videos online, we immediately think of YouTube. The issue with YouTube is that it is generally original content and does not have a lot of movies or TV shows, due to its strict copyright policies.

This makes it extremely difficult to find full length movies or TV shows on YouTube.

As I have grown up, I find it harder and harder to make time to watch my favorite TV Shows and go out and catch the best new movies. What is harder is that I am usually free on the weekends, when you can never seem to find any good content on TV and all the theatres are already booked up.

I usually ended up downloading movies from torrents or searching hours online to find a source to watch online. This has been nothing but a huge bother because most of these websites are filled with viruses and other malware that turn your computer into a trash can. This really infuriated me and of recent I had completely given up on trying to keep up with new TV Shows and movies.


This leads me to pondering, in todays day and age, there are three aspects I guarantee that almost everyone has:

1.) They watch TV and Movies

2.) They own a smartphone.

3.) They have an internet connection

So why cant there be a service that allows us to watch content whenever we want without the restraint of time and horrendous on demand charges?

This leads me to talking about ShowBox. A new service that lets you stream almost every American TV Show and Movie. All you need to do is download the app and get going. There is no need to sign up or register. All you have to do is download the app from their website.

What this app offers is an endless number of TV Shows and even after a complete day of browsing through the list I could not fathom the amazing service that ShowBox had. Not only could I watch content, but I could download it directly on my phone at home and watch it later while I am travelling, or when I am bored at work. I get options to download at 360p, 480p, & 720p. So I can choose what quality I want to watch it in as well!


This service is a godsend and it helps you catch up on the latest movies and TV Shows at a time which is convenient for you. While there are similar services like Netflix and Hulu they are not able to provide you with this level of simplicity. This app is truly plug and play, all that is required is the download. Once its installed there is no further haggle. All you need to do is select the content you are interested in and just start watching or downloading! Not to mention that every TV show on this app is up to date. With recently the newest episodes being available within hours of broadcasting.

The Best Water Softener For Your Home

Many regions in our country are supplied with hard water meaning that your domestic water will contain impurities like heavy metals, colloids, dissolved gases, microorganism and chemicals. This can cause dishwashers, washing machines and heaters to become clogged up and as a result, they don’t work as efficiently as they should. Bad water can also affect bathroom and toilet surfaces by creating an excess build up of lime. Thus, installing a water softener in your place can allow you to get soft water.
downloadThere are many brands in the malls so it is very important to go on the Internet and research about the best water softener reviews. You will come across many brands such as Rain soft, Water boss, and Kenmore. The choice can be difficult so you need to study consumer reviews, reports, price, working efficiency and easy installations.
One of the most popular brands is Rainsoft. The name is actually the short form of soft and pure rainwater. It contains elements which eliminate impurities such as iron and calcium. This particular water softener, along with Kenmore and Waterboss have undergone the United States government testing to prove that they are good at what they do. Don’t forget to read the instructions on your water softener system to check whether they have been tested by the agencies such as National Sanitation Foundation, Water Qualification Association and the United States Environment Protection Agency.
Each water softener works differently so it is important to research a bit in order to get best deals. Once you have managed to narrow down your choice after reading Water Softener Reviews, you will need to think about the overall cost, water purifying capacity, the size of the tank, efficiency and whether an extended guarantee or warranty is included in the list.
A water softener will probably be your most important investment to your kitchen appliances. There will be no need to use cleaning products to leave them smear and stain free. Your toilet and bathroom will also seem better because there won’t be unwanted impurities. You will also save a lot of money because having a water softener enables you to heat water much faster.
Pure water is also gentler on your hair and skin so you may also find that you don’t have to spend extra amount on shampoos, conditioners, and skin moisturizers. Your clothes will become absolutely fresh and clean when laundering with purified water. It is common for bad water to create stains on floors and clothes which are impossible to shift, so purifying your water will also relieve this particular problem.
imagesCompanies such as Nuvo, Calgon, Rain soft and Monarch have designed their purifiers to deal with all the problems with arise as a result of bad water. There are so many benefits of purifying domestic water because you can save a lot of bills in the long run and can also become environmental friendly. Installing a water softener is the best way to rid your place of unwanted minerals and impurities. However, careful research is important before choosing one.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector tips and cheats – Ways to get even more rare cats

Neko Atsume is a pleasing, extraordinary and a lovely game. And now this adorable kitty collecting amusement is available in English. You can also play this amusement on your smartphone. The latest rendition features more rare kitties, amazing new things and gives all the more remodeling solutions.tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640

In the beginning, you will see a few cats coloring the city at your lawn, yet soon there will more beautiful cats having fun with toys. Setting out food and toys, you can attract some very great looking cats. As soon as they’re in your yard, you can easily take their picture and put it in your “cat book.” It is similar to bird watching. Now with cats.

Although the majority of the visitors are regular kitties (if any kitty can be viewed as regular), some rare “themed” kitties could stop by your yard, also. These visitors are mainly lured by very specific items. Although some item and cat pairings are perhaps evident, there are certainly some more hidden team-ups.

So, are the rare cats still appearing too illusive for you in Neko Atsume? Or perhaps you want to consider using a different tactic? We’re here with some more neko atsume cheats and cheats for rare cats for you to boost your chances to get these fussy cats.

Feed them properly

Food is not everything when it comes to luring the cats in, but if you are planning to use food, ensure it is the good stuff! Choose anything from the premium crisp cat food to the sashimi. Stylish kitties require classy food.

Toys are effective also

Some kitties are far more curious about the toys you can offer. For example, Joe DiMeowgio is in love with baseball therefore he desires to come across a baseball waiting for him. Here is a small summary of what the other kitties like:

  • Conductor Whiskers likes to see the train tracks outside.
  • Kathmandu loves Japanese toys, for example. the mari ball.
  • Chairman Meow has a preference for the earthenware pot, and St Purrtrick enjoys his silk crepe pillow.
  • Guy Furry despises cheap food, and loves the warming stove you can offer him.
  • There is everyone’s beloved, Billy the kitten too. He likes the cowboy hat.

You’ll get the concept – these kitties are as fussy as the real ones, however, if you discover something they love, they will never let go.

Game Upgrade February 2016

Neko Atsume was refreshed this month 2016 with some new things included and this brings the following upgrades:

  • Chairman Meow

May now additionally be lured with the Sunken Fireplace and the Earthenware Pot. You may serve any kind of food from Frisky Bitz to Sashimi.

  • Frosty

Is now interested in the following items: Pillow ( Yellow, Green or Purple), Silk Crepe Pillow, Maple Pillow, Sakura Pillow, Snowy Pillow, Marble Pad, Thick Cooling Pad, Large Cooling Mat, Basket Case and Bureu with Pot. It is currently unidentified which food mixtures work in combination with which item. So, at the moment, your best option is to put down Sashimi together with the above items at all times.




How To Protect Yourself When Using Torrents

The scary word torrents.

Torrents have been vilified for years, and much understandably so. Simply put, torrents are one way of sharing a file from one computer to another. It is an old way of sharing files, much before cloud computing or even Google was a household name.

images (1)
The way torrents work is that instead of storing one file on one server. The file is stored on multiple computers. The way to access those files is by using what is called a P2P client. P2P (peer to peer) is a software infrastructure that takes advantage of the way torrents work by managing those bits of files and distributing them accordingly to whoever needs it. In fact, we can see that torrent itself is nothing but a technology. So contrary to what you may believe, torrents in itself is not illegal, and nor should it be. Saying that torrents are illegal is like saying Wi-Fi is illegal. It just depends on what you do with it. What was that Superman quote again? With great responsibility comes…yea, that one!

– So How Do You Use Torrents?

Torrents are accessible by opening a torrent file with a P2P application like uTorrent (Desktop) or ShowBox (Android). Those programs will access the various computers or smartphones that contain the “bits” of information, download it in the back-end and joins them again. The whole process is seamless to the user, and all he/she sees is the file being downloaded. Bear in mind that, when you are downloading a file through torrent, you are also uploading bits of information to the torrent pool as well, since other people are equally “downloading” information from you.

– Can I Download Everything?

Firstly, there are many gray areas around torrents. And this is mostly because of shady individuals sharing highly illegal things. This does not mean that using a torrent or streaming app is illegal. It’s not. There are a thousand and one legal ways to torrent. But certainly, there are a lot of dubious things going on in there. Secondly, many hackers exploit the gullibility of torrent users by posting click bait (download bait?) torrents. When in fact, they contain viruses and malware that either attack you or steals valuable information from your computer. Before you download files from torrents, be sure to check the file comments sections. People don’t like fake stuff, and they will make it clear in the comments area. It is a good idea to install a good Anti-Virus when using torrents. You never know what you will catch.


You will also need to check your countries’ law and policies on using torrents. They might not have one exclusively for torrents, but generally, International Copyright Laws pertain to those. While it is highly likely that you are not allowed to watch movies or TV shows using torrents, many people have found a workaround for it. By using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, they are able to mask their identity online, including the sites they visit or files they download. If you stream a lot of movies, music or tv shows online, then it is better to be safer than sorry – use a VPN!

ShowBox Download

Show Box has begun providing a service that lets you download unlimited movies directly to your phone! And better yet, they offer you a FREE trial! This is actually a very new technology and only Show Box provides this service. This will allow you to watch any movie whenever you want, if you’re the Show Box associate. Besides being able to watch movies in the comfort of your home after the particular movie DVDs are actually shipped right in your door, a couple of the other good reasons for having getting cheap films through Show Box is the truth that there are no late fees! Any Show Box member has the capacity to keep his or her movies for as long as they want without having incurring late fees. How this works is which the member pays a compact membership fee at the beginning of the month understanding that fee is charged irrespective of how long the or movie is kept!

One of the other advantages of like a Download and getting low-cost movies is the truth that members can now get free movies streamed directly to their television included in their membership price tag! The way that works is which the Show Box member either needs to purchase a tiny box that sits right alongside their television or should have a certain make of HDTV! In both cases movies may be sent right with their screen anytime they wish to watch them!

Certainly, Show Box is extremely good but there are generally other alternatives to the services they present! If you’d want to get cheap films elsewhere then among several other places to do that is through net freebie sites. Also known as incentive sites, these types of websites allow users to settle on a free gift say for example a new release movie or of these choice and actually claim that or movie after a few requirements on the part of the user is fulfilled. Usually these prerequisites don’t cost anymore than two to three dollars, which makes it the best way to get brand brand-new unused movies free of charge! All in just about all, though, getting cheap films is definitely ideal whether you tend to start a Present Box membership or get cheap movies through among several other internet freebie websites!